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The published publication rules are developed by the editorial board of the journal and are mandatory for potential authors. The rules for the design of a bibliographic description in the Roman alphabet are the standard developed by the journal and is necessary for the design of all manuscripts without exception.

The journal seeks to meet the high international requirements for the design of scientific articles and encourages authors to submit their work in a format acceptable for publication.

The journal is interested in the publication of articles devoted to the study of the Christian religion with a strictly regional reference - the Greater Middle East. All authors will be provided with one or more copies of the edition

In 2019, separate issues of the journal will have a narrow-thematic content. To the publication in an exceptional manner, manuscripts on the following topics will be accepted:


  • Тo the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel. The authors are invited to highlight the positive and negative sides for Christianity in Israel. Oppression and development of Christian communities, missions and churches operating in Israel. The position of Christianity in Palestine. The state of holy places, biography of church hierarchs, the overall state of affairs and dialogue with the state. Christian-Jewish and Christian-Muslim relations during the years of Israel's existence.

  • Christianity in Africa. Researchers are invited to highlight the history of the Christian presence on the African continent. Activities of Christian faiths. Interreligious dialogue. Heresy in Africa. Ecumenism. Persecution and confrontation. Quantitative or territorial increase and decrease of individual churches. Theological schools. Biography of church hierarchs or outstanding Christian leaders. The future of Christianity in Africa. Rapid increase in believers. Missionary. Prospects for confessions. Proselytism.